Lead Designer & Illustrator

Email Designs

These emails were created as an evaluative opportunity for Keepsake Frames.

For option 1:
I wanted the feel to be reminiscent of something handmade, like when children draw cards for their parents. To convey that, I decided to design the header slogan using hand-drawn type. I also accented it with hand drawn icons in the body. I used a salmon color, but accented it with more of a wine color for the H1 to keep the colors more mature. For the type, I used a serif font that was both complementary to the hand drawn lettering, and to the sans serif that was used in the button. 

For option 2:
For this option, I stuck a bit closer to the existing brand, using a more reserved typeface for the header slogan. It still conveys the same feelings as the first, but has more subtlety than the hand drawn type to scale back from the flourishes in the first option. I used a darker blue and a darker purple to avoid the exact blue Keepsake uses currently, but to remain with the cooler color palette that's currently being used. The paragraph type, while also serif, is much more relaxed with smaller serifs and bits of humanist nuance with some of the letterforms.  

Image choice:
I chose the image I found most cohesive with both the occasion for the email, as well as the product being sold. The image is of two grandchildren with their grandfather, an ideal composition for a photo that might be given on Grandparent's Day. I also sought out an image in which a photo was being given or taken, in this case a photo being taken with a tablet. This circles back to the actual product being an image ordered on a mobile device through the Keepsake app. 

Artboard 2.png
Artboard 3.png